The latest research on how top-performing companies are harnessing the power of digital asset management

This report benchmarks best practices in digital asset management and reveals how top-performing companies are achieving success.

The 2016 Benchmark Report on Digital Asset Management includes the following sections:  

Introduction:  Overview of Digital Asset Management
Chapter 1:  Pondering the Digital Asset Management
Chapter 2:  Getting the Most Value from Digital Asset Management
Chapter 3:  Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Asset Management
Chapter 4:  Measuring Performance with Digital Asset Management
Chapter 5:  Rocketing to Success with Digital Asset Management


How digital asset management is evolving — and why it matters

Getting the Most Value

Overcoming Challenges

Measuring Performance

Rocketing to Success


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About This Starfleet Research Benchmark Report

The 2016 Benchmark Report on Digital Asset Management features primary and secondary research from Starfleet Research, which is the IT market research arm of Starfleet Media. The research is designed to deliver valuable insights that decision makers can apply in the context of their own business situations.

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Pondering the Benefits

Key reasons for investing in this initiative and what outcomes to expect

Key success factors for maximizing the benefits

Common obstacles and how to beat them

Key metrics for tracking and measuring success

Tips for staying ahead of the competition

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